What is IDEA?

IDEA is a multidisciplinary collaborative initiative that integrates NSCAD Design with Dalhousie's Faculty of Engineering and the  Rowe School of Management. The IDEA Sandbox is built around new product development. IDEA provides professional mentoring, seminars, programming and space for students, faculty and businesses in support of product development. 

Using a design thinking process, IDEA runs a Product Development Bootcamp, where teams of design, business and engineering students and faculty collaborate on the development of viable products that integrate all the professions perspectives.

What are Sandboxes? 

Nova Scotia’s Sandboxes focus on fostering an enthusiasm and capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship amongst NS university students. Experimentation and curiosity are at the core of what we do! A diverse catalogue of extra-curricular programming and access to Sandbox staff and resources offer students the opportunity to develop their capacity to:

•work productively on teams,

•communicate effectively to any number of stakeholders,

•build powerful networks,

•engage in creative and human-centred approaches to problem solving. 

These are skills that are valuable in any work environment –start-ups, research labs, industry, corporations, family businesses, governments, communities, and organizations.