2018 IDEA Sandbox Boot Camp - Bomb Disposal Unit (Board Game)

By Carson Deveau

Bomb Disposal Unit is a collaborative card game created by Mary Metz, Brandon Johnson, Freya Poirier and Emily MacRitchie, which tasks all the players to work together to disarm a bomb in a fictitious house before it explodes. 

Originally, the group wanted to create a board game that was easy, could be taught quickly, and kept people engaged the entire time they were playing. They really liked the idea of card games, and how simplistic they were to play because they had limited components and how you could only do so much with them. After trying to figure out how to make the game with just cards, one of the IDEA Sandbox boot camp instructors suggested they add a board to their game to make the game more engaging for the players. After this change, the group began tweaking their idea more and more, and began adding more components to their game.

“We essentially did the opposite of what we had set out to do because the game that we chose to move forward with was actually extremely complicated,” Metz, a design student at NSCAD University, said with a laugh.

Everything worked out though, and now that the project is behind them, the group is able to reflect about the process. The group said that the biggest obstacle they had to overcome during the project was organizing what everyone was doing, and making sure that everything got done on time.

“Making sure that everyone understood what was going on with the changes in the game as it developed proved difficult because we had to change things about our game quickly and often,” said Metz.

But aside from that, the group said that the project was a great learning experience for everyone, and taught them how to work with people from other work disciplines.      

From left to right: Mary Metz, Emily MacRitchie & Brandon Johnson (missing - Freya Poirier)

From left to right: Mary Metz, Emily MacRitchie & Brandon Johnson (missing - Freya Poirier)