2018 IDEA Sandbox Boot Camp - Prison Break-Out (Board Game)

By Carson Deveau

Prison Break-Out is a modern day cop-and-robbers game created by Sidney Klien, Nour Houdeib, and Xiaoyia ‘Patrice’ Dong that allows players to play as either an inmate or a security guard at a prison during a prison riot, with the goal to either escape or to stop them from escaping.

The idea of the game came together when the group began discussing their ideas for the project, which all so happened to be about escaping somewhere. They combined their thoughts and decided that this was the board game they wanted to pursue. The biggest decision the group made was their choice to make the board for the game out of actual gears that could be moved throughout the game depending on what the players decide to do while playing.

“We wanted to add the gears and make them move because it made the game different every time you would play it, and it gave the players more strategic options,” said Houdeib, a second year engineering student at Dalhousie.

Once they had the concept of the game and the layout done, all that was left to do was to design it so that game had a prison-feel to it, and to finalize it through making numerous different prototypes.

Reflecting back on the process, the trio said the project was a useful tool that will help prepare them for what it’s going to be like working on product design in the real world. Klien, a third year business student at Dalhousie, said that being exposed to people from other professions a great experience.

“It was nice having people with different perspectives to work with because I was able to see how they worked, and what they were good at, and how I could help them to achieve the overall goal. This literally was the reason I signed up for the IDEA Sandbox boot camp, to learn these types of skills.”

Dong, a third year design student at NSCAD University, agreed and said working with others that had different educational backgrounds than her was eye opening for her.

“Because I’m a design student, I almost always just work with other designers. Due to this we have a lot of arguments about creative differences and that can sometimes hinder an idea I have. But working with others allowed me to have creative freedom, which I enjoyed.”  

From left to right: Nour Houdeib, Xiaoyia 'Patrice' Dong and Sidney Klien

From left to right: Nour Houdeib, Xiaoyia 'Patrice' Dong and Sidney Klien