Beginning of Final Projects (2018 IDEA Sandbox)

The fourth week of the IDEA Sandbox boot camp saw the participants broken up into new groups for their final project. For their final projects, each groups is assigned a topic and is tasked with coming up with a new, innovative, way to improve upon products that are related to that topic.

The topics the participants will be working on are garden aids for people with limited strength/mobility, furniture to assist people with special needs, ergonomic furniture for infants, plogging (picking up trash while jogging) and improving barbeque cleaners.

During the beginning of the week, groups worked together to gather research about their topic. This included students reaching out to experts in their topic’s field and talking to people who live with these struggles for advice about what is currently out on the market for people to buy, and what improvements can be made to those products.

After conducting their research, students spent Friday morning building rough prototypes of a few of their ideas they had for their project. After prototyping and bringing their ideas to life all morning, each group presented their prototypes to the instructors to have them decide which idea they should pursue for their final project.  

Next week, the instructors will indicate to each group which prototype they will continue to improve upon, and work with for their final project, which will be presented on June 8th.  

Brandon Johnson (right) shows his idea for a new, innovative, BBQ cleaner. 

Brandon Johnson (right) shows his idea for a new, innovative, BBQ cleaner.