2018 IDEA Sandbox Stories - Emilio Marcovici

By Carson Deveau


Emilio Marcovici is a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” and has spent time working at a technology start-up company in order to gain knowledge about what it takes to become an entrepreneur.

During his time at the start-up, the third-year commerce student at Dalhousie University realized that he needed more education about the industry if he was going to pursue becoming an entrepreneur in the future.

One of the major things Marcovici realized that he needed was to further develop his product development skills and the process it takes to bring an idea to market.

“Unfortunately, there is not a lot of available courses that offer this type of training,” Marcovici said.

Fortunately for Marcovici, though there was not a course that focused on product development he could take, there was a boot camp he could apply for.                     Marcovici became aware about the IDEA Sandbox boot camp from an email sent from the Rowe School of Business at Dalhousie, and decided to apply for it after one of his professors thought it would be good for him.                  

Throughout the six-week long boot camp, Marcovici worked on a number of projects and tasks that has helped him on his way to becoming an entrepreneur. From learning how to manage a team with diverse skill-sets, to learning more about how design factors into a project, to improving his knowledge and skills around product development, Marcovici has gained a lot in six, short, weeks and is thankful his professor encouraged him to apply for the boot camp.

“I consider the IDEA Sandbox (boot camp) to be one of the most useful activities I have taken part in while at Dalhousie. It has exceeded my expectations in every way, and would highly recommend to other students.”

After going through the boot camp, Marcovici has gained skills that will help him as he continues to work to become an entrepreneur, but realizes that this is just the beginning for him.

“I know there are certain things (about becoming an entrepreneur) that I still have to learn, like how the industry works and stuff like that, but the IDEA Sandbox boot camp has definitely got me closer.” 

Emilio Marcovici (right) presents his group's board game "Ethical Issues" to the rest of the IDEA Sandbox boot camp. 

Emilio Marcovici (right) presents his group's board game "Ethical Issues" to the rest of the IDEA Sandbox boot camp.