2018 IDEA Sandbox Stories - Taylor Roe

By Carson Deveau

When Taylor Roe applied for the IDEA Sandbox boot camp, she expected it to be a unique experience that she would be able to learn from and get paid to do. What she didn’t expect was that she might find her future career from the boot camp.

Roe, a second year engineering student at Dalhousie University, originally applied for the boot camp after her professors, Holly Pharaoh and Cliff Johnston, told her about it and said she would be a good fit.

“To have the opportunity to work with my professors, other engineering students, and students from other disciplines, was an opportunity that I had never had before so I had to do it.”  

During her time in the boot camp, Roe learned about product design and the development process it takes to bring an idea to an actual product that can be sold on the market. Roe also gained a lot of other valuable skills related to product design, such as benchmarking techniques, vacuum forms, and design programs.

Though before the boot camp Roe had no intentions on working in the product development world once she graduates from Dalhousie in a few years, she said that might have changed.

“Now I have skills surrounding product development that I could use effectively to help bring an idea to life. So, I could maybe see a future in product development once I complete my degree.”

 Looking back in the boot camp, Roe created and designed a collaborative building game called “Mad Stax’”, as well as created and designed a new toy that would help children with ADHD focus more easily in school.

Roe enjoyed working with her group members on each of these projects, and said the other people who were in the boot camp were what really made the six-week experience so special and memorable.

“I was able to meet a lot of new, great, people and make great friendships with them, something that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t join the boot camp.” 

Taylor Roe, right, presents her idea for a board game to her fellow IDEA Sandbox boot camp participants. 

Taylor Roe, right, presents her idea for a board game to her fellow IDEA Sandbox boot camp participants.