2018 IDEA Sandbox Stories - Jack Mahody

By Carson Deveau


Jack Mahody wouldn’t know what the IDEA sandbox boot camp is without the help of his sister.

Mahody, a first year commerce student at Dalhousie, wanted to strengthen his product design skills and learn more about the subject but there was not any available courses at Dalhousie for him to take. That’s when his sister suggested to him that he apply for the IDEA Sandbox boot camp, which she had done the year previous.

The six-week long boot camp had Mahody work on a variety of projects and designs with other business students, as well as students from engineering and design. This ability to work with other disciplines is another main reason why Mahody applied for the boot camp.

“I viewed the opportunity to work as part of a multidisciplinary team as quite valuable and it was easily one of the best things about the boot camp.”

Mahody’s two main projects in the boot camp were the board game, where he and his team created a strategic puzzle game called “GEMS”, and his final projects, where he and his team design and create a new, innovative, object that would help children with ADHD focus in the classroom.

From working on projects like this, and being tasked with bringing an idea to life, Mahody said the knowledge and skills he took away from the boot camp is going to stick with him.

“The process of product design, and my new found understanding if it, will not just be helpful throughout the rest of my time at Dalhousie completing my degree, but will help me in my future career as well.”

When asked his he would suggest the IDEA Sandbox boot camp to other students, just like his sister did to him, Mahody simply just nodded his head.

“Of course. I’ve learned more about product design and all that goes into it more in six weeks than I could have from any standard course.”    

Jack Mahody, left, presents his idea for a board game to his instructors at the IDEA Sandbox boot camp. 

Jack Mahody, left, presents his idea for a board game to his instructors at the IDEA Sandbox boot camp.