2018 IDEA Sandbox Stories - Colin MacIntosh

By Carson Deveau


            When Colin MacIntosh applied for the IDEA Sandbox boot camp, he did so because he wanted to learn about Start-Up companies, and the process it takes to create one.

            “I was hoping to learn about Start-Ups to see if I were something I was interested in or not in the future,” he said

Little did MacIntosh realize that he was going to be exposed too much more than that.

            MacIntosh is a third year engineering student at Dalhousie and was notified about the six-week long innovation boot camp by his instructor Holly Pharaoh, who is one of the instructors at the boot camp. Throughout the boot camp, MacIntosh was forced to work with students from other educational backgrounds, as design students from NSCAD University and business students from the Rowe School of Business at Dalhousie were both participating in the boot camp as well, and was exposed to their different perspectives of how they solve an issue.

            “I enjoyed working with the students from different educational backgrounds. It teaches you how to better work with a team on a project because not everyone is going to have the same skills and knowledge, so it forces everyone to work closely together to make sure everyone is on the same page.”

            Another thing that MacIntosh was exposed too during that boot camp that he had not been exposed to previously was design thinking when it comes to developing a product. Design thinking is a skill that he will take with him for the rest of his career, as it allows for him to generate ideas and solutions to a problem much quicker than before, MacIntosh said.

            “My eyes have been opened to the world of design, and the possibilities for innovation for both future products and for products that already exists as well.”

            With everything he learned, MacIntosh said the boot camp was a very useful experience and one that he’s glad he decided to take part in.

            “The skills learned are very applicable to both the academic, and working, world. The boot camp teaches you to think about products differently than I have ever been before. So it was definitely a great way to spend six weeks if you ask me.” 

Colin MacIntosh presents his idea for a new board game to the instructors of the IDEA Sandbox boot camp. 

Colin MacIntosh presents his idea for a new board game to the instructors of the IDEA Sandbox boot camp.