2018 IDEA Sandbox Stories - Sidney Klein

By Carson Deveau

Sidney Klein had always planned on becoming an entrepreneur ever since he was a child.

Klein always had an interest in becoming his own boss, so he applied for the Bachelor of Management program at Dalhousie University in 2016, with his major being in entrepreneurship and innovation, and has been working on obtaining his degree ever since.

Klein has been working as a representative for his parent’s real estate company in Halifax to help give him some experience of what it’s like to run your own company. But even with that experience, Klein was still looking for something else that would help give him the skills to become an entrepreneur.

That’s when his friend Emilio Marcovici told him about the IDEA Sandbox boot camp.

Marcovici is also a business student at Dalhousie, and had already applied for the boot camp himself. But told Klein because the boot camp was still looking for other business students.

“It seemed like a rare opportunity, that could be good for me. So I decided to sign up,” said Klein. 

During the six-week boot camp, Klein worked on a variety of projects involving product design and design thinking. Whether it was designing a new board game that could be taken to market, a innovative home-feeder for a pet rabbit, or trying to come up with a safer barbeque cleaner, Klein had to use his business and entrepreneurial skills to help create to best possible solutions for these projects.

Klein wouldn’t be alone trying to come up with these solutions though, as he had to work in groups with engineering and design students. This aspect of having to collaborate with other disciplines was one of Klein’s favourite parts of the boot camp, he said.

“Working with engineers and designers was really great, as it showed me how they look at a problem and try to come up with a solution to it. It just really solidified to me how useful those disciplines are in product design.”

Looking back at the boot camp, Klein said it helped him sharpen his entrepreneurial skills and learned about how to work well with other disciplines.

“I learned that, whenever you are working with people with different educational backgrounds on a project, that you have to let everyone do their thing, and can’t be controlling everything.”



Sidney Klein, middle, presents his idea for a new board game to his instructors and fellow IDEA Sandbox participants.

Sidney Klein, middle, presents his idea for a new board game to his instructors and fellow IDEA Sandbox participants.