Build with us…

Take part in our Fall2019/Winter2020 Discover Sandbox series to gain hands-on experience in design and making! The series is broken into three sections - Toolbox, DESIGN, and MAKE - each focusing on a specific skillset. Take part in one or all three to develop communication, prototyping, and human-centered design skills.



With Toolbox, you can work on your communication and teamwork skills, while participating in fun, off-campus activities. Join Jason Grant and Jordan Gardiner from Cultiv8 and SURGE on four field trips during the Fall 2019 semester. Activities include paintball, survival skills training, orienteering, and an escape room!

Space is limited. For more information, please email


DESIGN will introduce you to an innovation process based in design-thinking and human-centered design, with a focus on iterative prototyping and concept development. It will consist of eight weekly sessions in the Fall 2019 semester. You will work in small groups to develop and test a board game design — is a very fun way to gain important skills!

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Want to up your prototyping capabilities? MAKE is an eight-week series that will run in the Winter 2020 semester. Each session will cover a different “making” skillset. Possible topics include: thermoforming, laser cutting, CAD/CAM, Arduino & Raspberry Pi, Machining, Sewing, “Quick & Dirty” prototyping, and more!

Stay tuned for updates.